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At Dr. Turre Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, we use a variety of East Asian Medicinal services to alleviate pain, internal disorders, and emotional conditions. We will work closely with you to seek out the root cause of your pain, restore your energy, promote comprehensive health and well-being, and enhance the quality of your life.

What Is East Asian Medicine?

Many people think of East Asian Medicine in terms of its practices like acupuncture and herbal medicine. These are some of the “tools” in the larger East Asian Medicine toolbox that are employed once we identify a pattern and a plan. East Asian medicine is a system of medicine that relies on pattern recognition and observation. Originally developed in a world where there was no ambulance or emergency room, this system has been studied and improved upon for over two thousand years, while preserving its fundamental nature and intent. 

East Asian medicine defines the body according to functional systems. It is an integrative, root-and-branch approach to health that understands the body, mind, and spirit as one interconnected system, and treats the whole person - both the physical (musculoskeletal disorders, internal conditions, and pain) and the non-physical (mental, emotional, and relational) aspects of health. A humble and curious approach to medicine means we also stay up to date with biomedical understanding and treatment, effectively coordinating and communicating care with other providers and medical approaches.  With skill, curiosity, and the enormous body of knowledge that is East Asian medicine, we tailor our approach and care to you and your specific needs.

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