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The Deeper Meaning of the Heart

Happy valentines day everyone. This is a great opportunity to soak up a little wisdom about the heart, from the roots of Chinese Medicine.

The heart, is the emperor/empress, of the organ system of Chinese Medicine. And by the phrase “as above, so below”, this means that the way it is inside our bodies is the same as it ought to be outside our bodies. This means that our hearts, our personal decision making abilities, and our elected authorities, should all live by the same tenants.

The basic tenants is this. That the heart remain empty. In our bodies that means free of plaque and obstruction. In our animated self (the emotional and decision making part of us that we refer to as heart) that means being empty of desires. In our elected authorities and positions of power, that means being empty of self interest, looking always towards the needs of those who are effected by the decisions.

The heart is represented in our lives by the emotion of joy. Joy and laughter brings our shoulders back and our chest forward. The act of laughter empties us of restraint, leaving open space in its wake. The analogy of a cup is often used to convey this meaning. A cup is made of solid materials, but it is the emptiness inside which makes it useful. One can not obtain nourishment from a bowl or cup which is a solid block of clay.

So today, and as we move into spring, do not fill your heart with wishes and desires. Empty your heart and make it ready to receive, so that you may once again enjoy pouring it out once more. This is the way of the heart, emptiness and fullness. Enjoy both.

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